Mission Statement

Among many other things, the WNBPA provides WNBA players with a unified voice. Its mission is to unite, in one labor organization, all women basketball players eligible for membership regardless of race, creed, color, age or national origin and to promote a high sense of loyalty among all members. Specifically, the Association’s charge is to:

Represent its membership and establish through collective bargaining with the WNBA and the management of the various teams comprising the WNBA, improved working conditions, economic benefits and job security for all members;

Engage in whatever educational, legislative, political, civic, social welfare, community or other activities which will advance and safeguard the economic security and general social welfare of employees in this industry both during and after their playing careers;

Function as an autonomous labor organization and to enter into whatever cooperative efforts with other labor organizations the WNBPA deems to be in the best interest of its members; and

Take all steps and actions consistent with the Constitution, By-Laws and policies of the WNBPA to implement and carry out the objectives, rights, activities and responsibilities of the organization.