Mission Statement

The WNBPA leverages the collective wisdom and vision of WNBA players and fully commits to affirming, defending, and advancing player interests on and off the court. Through collective bargaining, protest, public service, community engagement, and educational programming, we tirelessly challenge the workplace and societal conditions that stand in the way of our vision of what is possible for our lives and the future of basketball. Moving as one, we prevail.  


Core Principles

The WNBPA Commits to the following Core Principles:  

Integrity: To know who we are. We uphold our moral commitments as a labor union of athletes in times of success and hardship. We promote interventions that benefit a common good and respect for ourselves and all labor. 

Servant Leadership: To honor our DNA. We stand up for what we believe in and do the work that must be done in service to others and to our collective membership. We labor for the love of our community and our sport.  

InvestmentTo know our worth. We strive to have our value as elite, global athletes reflected in the economy and society. We create economic opportunities to protect and grow the future and business of basketball for all, and endeavor for holistic fulfillment.  

Diversity: To celebrate our differences as our power. We champion our members, regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion or spirituality, political or ideological viewpoints, to build consensus and promote a high sense of loyalty among all members.   

Social Justice: To answer the call. We engage in educational, legislative, civic, social welfare, community or other activities that will advance and safeguard the economic security and general welfare of WNBA players past, present, and future, and that of our communities.  

Amplification: To turn up the volume. We use our platform to make our collective voices heard and speak truth to power on our own terms.   

Endurance: To sustain ourselves and our communities in the effort to achieve lasting change. We recognize our work as part of a movement rather than a moment.  


Our Statement on Diversity & Inclusion

Our diversity extends to include all eligible players regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, religion or spirituality, political or ideological viewpoints.

Honoring diversity ensures that multiple perspectives are engaged across the membership.