How Can I Become a WNBPA-Certified Agent?


Thank you for your interest in becoming a WNBPA certified agent. You may obtain an application by downloading it from this site using the link below or by sending us a written request for an application. Only persons certified with the WNBPA are permitted to negotiate with the WNBA or any WNBA Team on behalf of WNBA players. All interested parties must complete an agent application and return it to our offices in order to be considered for certification.


While completing your application please be aware of the following:


  • All interested parties must follow the application procedures attached in order to be considered for certification.
  • Each question must be answered completely in order for us to fully evaluate your credentials.
  • Previous representation of WNBA players or certification with any other players association (i.e., the NBPA) does not constitute automatic WNBPA certification.
  • The WNBPA screens the backgrounds of agents and monitors all contracts to ensure players receive quality representation. By drafting agent policies and guidelines, and monitoring agent activities, the WNBPA can better educate and assist persons designated to represent its members.


If you have any questions about the application process, please contact our office.