Agent Certification

The WNBPA screens the backgrounds of agents and monitors all
contracts to ensure players receive fair and effective representation.
All agents for WNBA players must be certified through
the WNBPA. By drafting agent policies and regulations, and
monitoring agent activities, the WNBPA can better educate
individuals selected to represent its members, eliminate unethical
agent practices and insure agent fees are reasonable.


Contract Negotiation Assistance

Since the WNBPA staff negotiated the CBA, it has great insight into and knowledge of the provisions of the CBA. Accordingly, the staff provides assistance to players and agents in understanding the CBA and devising methods for effectively negotiating on behalf of WNBPA members.


Player-Agent List

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Player-Agent Regulations

This booklet is designed to provide you with pertinent information concerning the player agent regulation system developed by the Women’s National Basketball Players Association. Persons who wish to represent WNBA players in individual contract negotiations must comply with the Regulations and become certified as a WNBPA Player Agent before they can participate in such negotiations.


Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)