– U.S. Women’s National Team Players Association and
Women’s National Basketball Players Association join as founding partners –

WASHINGTON, November 13, 2017 – In a move to bolster group licensing opportunities and provide the ability for athletes to support athletes in growing their business, REP Worldwide (Representing Every Player) launched today as a first-of-its-kind group player representation business that offers licensing and brand management services to athlete-driven sports properties.

NFL Players Inc., the licensing and marketing arm of the NFL Players Association (NFLPA) is joined by founding partners – the U.S. Women’s National Team Players Association (USWNTPA) and the Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA).

The NFLPA is the majority shareholder and will work in collaboration with its founding partners to develop the business. REP Worldwide will feature an athlete advisory board and an executive board, each comprised of representatives from its founding partners.

Given its more than 25 years operating a successful sports group licensing program, as well as experience launching diverse businesses, the NFLPA and its partners are well-positioned to alter the playing field with this new venture. REP Worldwide will offer extensive resources and expert representation to a selectively cultivated portfolio of athlete-driven sports properties, as they seek to govern their brands. The ultimate goal is to create and manage sustainable group licensing and player-marketing programs.

REP Worldwide’s initial representation services will include: strategic planning; leveraging athlete intellectual property group rights; structuring licenses and sponsorships; consulting on marketing activation strategy; driving support for players and licensees at retail; as well as developing unique content opportunities across platforms via ACE Media, the NFLPA’s content and production subsidiary.

The USWNTPA represents the rights of women soccer players in the United States, including the U.S. Women’s National Soccer Team. Fueled by support at home and abroad, the 2015 team was part of the most-watched soccer game in U.S. history in its win over Japan to capture its third World Cup. The USWNTPA’s roster of stars along with its development of up-and-coming players and personalities points to a bright future both on the pitch and off.

The pioneering WNBPA – the first labor union for professional female athletes and the current union of women’s professional basketball players in the WNBA – protects the rights of its players and assists them in achieving their full potential on and off the court. There is a high level of excitement and momentum around the members of the WNBPA following historic levels in attendance, viewership, social media engagement, and merchandise sales during the WNBA’s most recent postseason.

As the connection between players and fans is stronger than ever because of social media engagement and the demand for unique, player-driven merchandise continues to grow across all sports, REP Worldwide, fueled by the success of the NFL Players Inc. business model, is at the forefront of this upward trend in sports licensing. Please visit  for additional information. 


“We’re excited about the potential of this new business. Building on the athlete likeness commercialization successes we’ve seen through the NFLPA, REP Worldwide can immediately stand alone in terms of what it can offer athletes and partners alike.”


“NFL Players Inc. is an incredible model that has generated a lot of success for NFL players and our union. I’m sure opening up our model to other players and sports services with REP Worldwide will allow them to enjoy the same kind of results and benefits that I’ve enjoyed. I’m excited to get this business started and lend my support in helping grow all group player licensing programs.”


  “The UWSNT is excited to be a part of this new organization – one that understands and believes in the value and group marketing opportunities creating by our USWNT players. Coming off the back of an incredibly successful year for women’s soccer, both in the U.S. and abroad, we see enormous potential to capitalize on the group licensing and marketing opportunities through REP Worldwide. We’re looking forward to working with our REP Worldwide partners to bring the organization’s offerings and expertise to other athletes and teams.”

“The players of the USWNT are proud to partner with the NFLPA and WNBPA on this new venture, which ultimately is about athletes supporting athletes to help each of us, and our teams, maximize their value and potential. Our team has had phenomenal success in the past several years, both on the field and commercially, and we are excited about the even greater heights we can reach working with REP Worldwide. And, we are pleased to be founding partners in an organization that will help other athletes and teams do the same.”

 “Working with REP Worldwide gives the WNBPA a leap forward in our group licensing program. The WNBPA is the first sports union for women and next year we celebrate our twentieth anniversary. We want this milestone year to include maximizing all licensing and marketing opportunities for our incredible and diverse athletes.”

 “On behalf of the WNBPA Executive Committee and the player membership, we are thrilled with this opportunity and see it as a great fit. NFL Players Inc’s recognition of the WNBPA as a founder and an equity partner creates a collaboration that not only aligns with our vision, but that also strengthens our collective voice.”



The National Football League Players Association is the union for professional football players in the National Football League. Established in 1956, the NFLPA has a long history of assuring proper recognition and representation of players’ interests. The NFLPA has shown that it will do whatever is necessary to assure that the rights of players are protected—including ceasing to be a union, if necessary, as it did in 1989. In 1993, the NFLPA again was officially recognized as the union representing the players, and negotiated a landmark Collective Bargaining Agreement with the NFL. The current CBA will govern the sport through 2020.


NFL Players Inc., the licensing and marketing arm of the NFLPA, connects businesses to the power of NFL players. NFL Players Inc. creates customized business solutions for partners, through licensing, marketing strategy and player activations. At $1.6 billion in retail sales in 2016, the NFLPA ranks as one of the 40 largest global licensors, and has earned industry awards as a best-in-class licensing and player-marketing business.  For more information, please visit


The USWNTPA serves as a leading advocate for women’s soccer players, pioneering a new era of women’s soccer as a preeminent sport. The primary mission of the USWNTPA is to protect the rights of WNT players and to advance and safeguard the economic and social welfare of all WNT players, both on and off the field. The USWNTPA is committed to raising the level of women’s soccer domestically and continuing to grow the game worldwide.


The Women’s National Basketball Players Association (WNBPA) is the union for current women’s professional basketball players in the WNBA. The WNBPA is the first labor union for professional women athletes. It was created in 1998 to protect the rights of players and assist them in achieving their full potential on and off the court. The WNBPA handles the negotiation of collective bargaining agreements, filing grievances on their behalf, and counseling players on benefits and post-WNBA career opportunities. The WNBPA also serves as a resource for current players, while they are competing internationally during the offseason. The WNBPA encourages players to participate in union activities – including executive leadership roles, team representative positions, and global community outreach initiatives.

NFLPA: Jenna Sobray / / 202-572-7458
USWNTPA: Kaye Verville / / 207-807-2835 or Molly Levinson / / 917-584-4342

WNBPA: Michael Goldsholl / / 212-655-0906

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