You’ve got to get up every morning with determination, if you’re going to go to bed with satisfaction.
–George Lorimer

Congratulations on your success in your collegiate basketball career and for the opportunity to play at the professional level!

There is perhaps nothing more exciting than starting a new chapter in your life! As you continue on this journey in your basketball career, you will experience a lot of excitement and celebration together with some uncertainty and anxiety. A lot of experiences and information are coming your way, and very quickly, and all will prepare you for your playing career and beyond. I encourage you to invite this new and fresh part of your career with determination, responsibility and influence.

As you transition from the collegiate level to professional sports, what you will learn will seem new and different and will impact many decisions that you will need to make regarding your future. It is important for us, the Women’s National Basketball Players’ Association (WNBPA), to let you know that when making these decisions, you are not alone. The WNBPA is an organized union comprised of the players and it is committed to protecting the welfare and rights of such players. As your union, it is our responsibility to keep you informed, and counsel you as you make decisions that affect your economic and social well-being. We are here for you, because we are YOU! It is imperative that you know that your benefits and our services come hand in hand. As a player, you are a member and a key piece of the union. Our mission focuses on working with each other to help each other.

Our leadership team is very excited and looks forward to meeting and getting to know you! Any questions concerning salary, agent representation, and/or other items related to league/team employment can be directed to WNBPA Director of Operations, Terri Carmichael Jackson. As your union, think of us as your first call now and throughout your career.

Congratulations and enjoy every moment of the upcoming 2017 season!

Nnemkadi Ogwumike
WNBPA President

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