The WNBA and the WNBPA negotiate the Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The WNBPA staff and a Negotiating Committee comprised of the Executive Committee and other WNBA players representing the entire spectrum of the league, negotiate with representatives from the WNBA on behalf of all players.

Our goal is simple – to get the best deal possible for all players.

A new collective bargaining agreement is negotiated approximately every four years. We welcome and encourage all players to attend as many bargaining sessions as possible.

It is your union and you should participate.

What kind of say do players have in the collective bargaining progress?

As a democratic organization, during bargaining, we will frequently solicit all players’ viewpoint.

We also encourage players to call staff and members of the Negotiating Committee whenever they have questions and/or to make their opinion known.

The WNBPA provides frequent written updates on the status of negotiations and we will have team and “all player” conference calls. All WNBA players are welcome and encouraged to attend negotiation sessions.

Ultimately, all players vote on whether to accept a collective bargaining agreement.