WNBPA Partnership Makes History

WNBPA Partnership Makes History

In less than two months, the new partnership between the WNBPA and SportsBlog.com has made a tremendous splash in the sports blogging community. With 24 active WNBA players connecting with fans through their own blogs on SportsBlog.com, the initiative is already proving to be the largest network of WNBA player blogs in history.

“Through SportsBlog.com, our players have the unique opportunity to speak freely and directly to their fans about everything from their game the night before to how they like to spend their free time or a community initiative close to their heart,” said Pamela Wheeler, WNBPA Director of Operations. “More players are signing up each day to host their own blog, and we are thrilled with the success this partnership has already achieved…and we are just getting started!”

Numerous players have downloaded the SportsBlog app and many are already writing their own blogs, including Alexis Hornbuckle, Amber Harris, Briana Gilbreath, Cathrine Kraayeveld, Charde Houston, Ebony Hoffman, Erin Phillips, Janel McCarville, Jasmine Thomas, Jayne Appel, Katie Smith, Lindsay Whalen, Lindsey Moore, Monica Wright, Nakia Sanford, Rachel Jarry, Sugar Rodgers and Temeka Johnson.

Fans can access these blogs at Sportsblog.com/directory/wnbaplayer.

In addition, SportsBlog.com is currently developing player home pages that will be fully integrated with the respective WNBA players’ blogs.

The WNBA players join the thousands of fans, NFL players and other professional athletes who are already using SportsBlog.com, the largest platform of sports blogs anywhere on the Internet with close to 10,000 sports blogs in less than a year. The site allows anyone to start a Sports Blog, as well as participate in monthly contests with the site’s revenue sharing program.

“We’re proud to feature WNBA Players alongside NFL greats, and are passionate about bringing women’s basketball to our global audience,” said Roy Dano, SportsBlog.com CEO. “The women’s blogs are already receiving hundreds of comments and positive feedback from fans, which further demonstrates the skyrocketing interest in women’s basketball. We are thrilled and excited about the direction our work with the WNBPA is headed!”

SportsBlog.com is the world’s fastest-growing platform for bloggers who are passionate about sports. The site hosts blogs by superstars, superfans and everything in between. This includes expert fans, credentialed sports journalists and talk show hosts. It’s also the platform of choice for many professional athletes – more of them blog on SportsBlog.com than on any other site.